South Korea will go far enough


Well, I have read John Carroll’s wrote that is posted in, and I have a different opinion. I think John is such a sarcastic person. He use a metaphorical expression to criticize South Korea’s ruling which fines Microsoft 33 billion won (US$32 million) but it is illogical.

It’s ridiculous that compare Microsoft Corp’s abusion market dominance with house building or car production. If we chose a car to buy it, we could just want it that is completed. We don’t want to buy a car which has no tire, no steering wheel, or no glasses, and we don’t want to buy a house which has no windows, no roof, or no doors. So those are apparently different with Windows. Operationg system is already completed while it can boot the computer system safely. Instant messenger and media player is not a part of operating system and those are not related with operating system.

Microsoft should stop their illegal pre-install software policy. The market of software must be moved by competitive power of software quality. But Microsoft used their market dominance. In this case, it’s not considered how good MS instant messenger and media player are. They don’t have to advertise, since those are already installed in their Windows production. Every user would come in contact with them. This is the market domination.

Everyone know this, Netscape browser is not inferior to MS Internet Explorer. But in the market of browser, the winner was the Internet Explorer. We know the reason and it’s definitely true. Microsoft would lose their competition power, if they keep such a stupid software marketing policy. I swear that they must be aware of this.