Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Enterprise Deployment and Systems Management

레드햇에서 제공하는 Satellite 솔루션에 대한 자격을 인증


Enterprise management best practice

  1. Standardization : Performing tasks with the same well-considered method each and every thime.
  2. Centralization : Gather policies, procedures, and baselines into one easily managed system.
  3. Scalability : Growth in capacity with minimal system administrator impact.
  4. Provisioning : The process taken to turn a system from bare metal to install and configuraed to meet the defined baseline. This should be as close to a fully automated process as possible.
  5. Automation : Generally required more upfront work. Investing time writing Kickstart files allows one to install more systems simultaneously and more quickly than could be achieved by hand.

Red Hat Satellite

Satellite Server Components

  1. Red Hat Satellite Server
  2. Database
  3. Web Interface
  4. RPM Repository
  5. Management Tools
  6. Subscription Asset Manager Server

Satellite DB

  1. Standalone
  2. Managed
  3. Embeded

Provisioning with a Red Hat Satellite server

  1. Install rhsX with Red hat Satellite software.
  2. Install samX with Red Hat Subscription Asset Manager software and configure it to work with Red Hat Satellite on rhsX.
  3. Configure rhsX to server as a Subversion repository.
  4. Import the open source project code into the Subversion repository.
  5. Prepare software channel content for import into the Red Hat Satellite.
  6. Import the relevant Red Hat software channels into the Satellite server.
  7. Create a Red Hat Satellite organizatin and assign it system and software subscriptions.
  8. Create a Red Hat Satellite system group.
  9. Create Red Hat Satellite user accounts, assign apropriate roles, and allow them to administrate a common system group.
  10. Create a custom software channel as a child of the Red Hat RHEL 6 server base channel.
  11. Clone the RHEL 6 Server base channel and all of its child channels.
  12. Build and sign a custom RPM package on desktopY.
  13. Import GPG keys into the Satellite server for deployment.
  14. Create an activation key to automate system registration.
  15. Create a kickstart profile.
  16. Provision the client system using the PXE menu.